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Legimi - Redesign

Brand logo - green and blue pattern in the background - Legimi by Uniforma

Legimi is one of the biggest e-book and audiobook platforms in Poland. In the near future they are planning expansion to Germany and China.

Their brand deseprately needed some major updates in order to prepare them for the next step and what is more important… to make reading cool again. We explored the idea of handwriting and a handwritten signatures, which is the most direct way of expressing your emotions and thoughts. What is more, the shape and kind of handwriting mirror your personality. The idea of personal handwritings and signatures appeals to Legimi’s aim to establish a close relationship with the user, create a living reading community whose members share their opinions on recently read books, and to create a pleasant environment to use Legimi’s product.

Signature - inspiration - Legimi by Uniforma
Simple handwriting evolved into more dynamic and freehand shapes, which were later used in graphic elements of the brand. According to graphology, these scribbles represent being open-minded, eloquent and striving for self-development, which are all Legimi’s main attributes.
Signature - inspiration - Legimi by Uniforma
Signature generator code - Legimi by Uniforma
Signature generator
We explored a different techniques of generating signature-like shapes. To make this identity playful for people using it for many years, we coded an interactive generator that produces shapes along with a movement of a cursor.
Logo variations - Legimi by UniformaMobile app design - Legimi by UniformaApp screens - Legimi by UniformaPattern variations - Legimi by Uniforma
City light poster - Legimi by UniformaCity light poster - Legimi by UniformaOffice photo - Legimi by UniformaConference room - Legimi by UniformaOffice photo - Legimi by UniformaLogo on the office wall - Legimi by UniformaPrint design - Legimi by Uniforma
The Chinese market required visuals based on Mandarin. We cooperated with Chinese graphic designers to create these visuals.
Logo - chinese version - Legimi by UniformaChinese banner - Legimi by Uniforma