About us

We believe that collaboration is the key to beautiful and functional design.

Maciej Mach & Michał Mierzwa
Maciej Mach - Partner at Uniforma

We were practicing graphic design for cultural and commercial clients for over 12 years as art directors in agencies and later on – freelancers.

Maciej has around 14 years of experience in the industry. Graphic designer, Art Director, Freelancer, Academic teacher and finally – Partner at Uniforma Studio. He is specialising in UI/UX Design, Interaction Design, Art Direction for digital products and making sure that the studio is running smooth.
Michał has years of experience as a designer working for art & culture. He is responsible for visual identities of many commercial brands and cultural events that took place in Poland. Some of them were co-organised by him so it's safe to say that he knows the industry from the ground up. VJ, artist, creator of club visuals and a live performer. At Uniforma, he is in charge of creative direction of branding & motion design projects. Happy father of two wonderful daughters.
Michał Mierzwa - Partner at Uniforma
Maryan Ivasyk & Piotr Butlewski - Graphic designers at Uniforma

In 2018 we started working together as Uniforma Studio. 

We believe that collaborating with creative people from different fields of design, culture and technology can lead to something great. We decided Uniforma to be the place where graphic design is reflecting ideas behind products, services and people we work with.
Michał Mierzwa - Partner at Uniforma
Maryan Ivasyk - Graphic designer at Uniforma

Designers we love to work with.

Our guys:
Maryan Ivasyk - Graphic Designer
Piotr Butlewski - UI Designer

People we co-operate with:
Anna Dusza - Illustrator
Igor Pęczkowski – Architect
Kuba Szopka – Photographer
Mateusz Witkowski – Director
Piotr Bejnar – Musician & Producer